Storage Cabinets

Nila Parmar Designs brings you a curated collection of desirable crafted storage cabinets featuring art inspired colourful patterns. These storage cabinets are perfect for anyone who is looking for unique and interesting furniture for their home or business. Floral patterns and nods towards nature are strong themes throughout the collection. Each storage unit provides a remarkable piece of art for your interior and will certainly be the focal point of the room.

Each piece of furniture has a character of its own.
The burst of bright colours bring energy to the interior to help it become a positive space.
Nila Parmar

Art Inspired Colourful Storage Cabinets

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Our Storage Cabinets Suit Different Interior Styles

The timeless cabinet designs add a sense of creative charm to any room in your home. The designs sit well in contemporary interiors, industrial loft spaces, boutique hotels and vintage rooms. They look particularly stunning in bohemian, rustic and shabby chic settings. The cabinet colour palettes may inspire you to pick out certain shades of interest to coordinate with tactile bedding or cushions. The rusticity of the mango wood ensures that these cabinets have a natural and down to earth appeal.

Our Storage Cabinets Have Multiple Uses

The mango wood cupboards are undoubtedly fabulous, but they are also functional. Open the double doors to reveal ample space inside to organise your belongings on the shelves provided. Our mango wood storage cupboards have multiple uses. They are very versatile which means they will work perfectly in most room in your home. Use your large storage cabinet in the bedroom for clothing. Place it in the guest bedroom for blankets and bedding. Position the storage unit in your living room to hide away the family clutter. Stand it in the dining room as a place to keep tableware close to hand. You may decide to use your storage cabinet in the home office for paperwork. Wherever you place your cupboard make sure it is on show so you can admire it every day!