Mango Wood Furniture Collection

Nila Parmar Designs are thrilled to present a collection of limited edition Mango wood furniture. Created by skilled artisans in India, the range includes large storage cabinets, sideboards and room dividers made from solid Mango wood panels. Each piece of our Mango wood furniture has been lovingly finished to bring warmth, colour and style to your room decor.

The beautiful cabinets, sideboards and room dividers are made from ethically sourced Mango wood which is strong, durable and attractive. The furniture is further enhanced with alluring patterns and colours which are digitally printed and hand finished. The patterns are inspired by nature, with an emphasis on floral imagery featuring vibrant colour palettes.

Our aim is to brighten your interiors with art inspired storage furniture that will create a sense of energy and happiness.

Our furniture makes you stop and look.
The beautiful merged bright colours are used to bring energy and raise the vibrations of your interior.
Nila Parmar
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Mango Wood Furniture Storage Solutions

Our collection has a strong emphasis on storage furniture. The pieces are really versatile and can be located in most rooms of your home. Whether you use your large storage cabinet, sideboard or compact sideboard for bedroom storage, dining room storage or living room storage, that is totally up to you. If you decide to relocate it to another room for a different purpose, you can do so very easily. With the growth in people working from home, you may even want to situate your cabinet in your home office. Wherever you decide to place your crafted storage unit, it will add colour and visual good vibes.

Our Mango Wood Furniture Suits Different Interiors

Our furniture design patterns and Mango wood material have been carefully selected to ensure they will suit a range of interiors. We think our cabinets and room dividers look adorable in most settings from contemporary to industrial and everything in between. We really love Bohemian, rustic, shabby chic and down to earth decor. This is where our cabinets come into their own. We believe that a home should be filled with life, love and colourful vibrancy. We really hope our furniture will bring these elements your house too.