Interior Lighting Design London

Nila Parmar Designs provides an Interior Lighting Design service covering London and the South East. Our work includes lighting design sales and installation for residential, commercial and architectural clients.

As part of our interior design service, we place great importance on lighting as a vital component of any design brief. With the many innovations in lighting technology, there are now many more options available when controlling modern lighting systems. These advances have enabled us to really to utilise artificial light as an integral part of the plans when creating a room design, allowing us to create different moods and effects at the touch of a button.

If you would like a consultation with an Interior Lighting Design specialist in London please get in touch via our contact page. We will be delighted to talk you through options for your interior and exterior lighting requirements.

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Interior Lighting Design Consultation

The differing colours, textures and decor used in a room will reflect light in contrasting ways and should be a primary consideration when selecting what type of lighting would be suitable for a particular room.

Where lighting fixtures are positioned, and what the main functions are, of the room being designed, should also be considered.

Our team would be delighted to guide you through a variety of different lighting options, whilst providing expert suggestions on where and how lighting should be positioned, and how best to utilise natural light from windows and doorways.

The design process begins with an obligation free consultation with our lighting design team. Get in touch via our contact page to arrange an appointment.

Interior and Exterior Lighting Designer

Whether you are looking for discreet light fittings to blend in with your room decor or a light that really makes a statement, our designers can help.

We partner with some of the UKs leading lighting companies and can supply traditional and contemporary light fittings that incorporate low energy technology and provide versatile colour options and finishes.

Our interior lighting design service will also arrange certified supplier to wire and install your lights if you would prefer.

Our lighting design team can also help with exterior lighting for driveways, gardens and other outdoor areas where IP rated waterproof lighting is required.

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