Room Dividers

We decided to add art inspired and colourful room dividers to our furniture collection because they are becoming increasingly popular. With today’s open plan living arrangements, we sometimes want to zone interiors quickly and easily. Room dividers are the perfect solution for creating temporary divisions for interiors without feeling boxed in. Our collection goes beyond that because they have the added benefit of bringing colour and visual interest into a room with our art inspired patterns.

The best room divider screens are those which serve the functional purpose of dividing a space while creating an interesting visual effect.
Nila Parmar

Art Inspired Colourful Room Dividers

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Our Room Dividers Suit Different Interior Styles

Our room dividers or screens are colourful with a design that suits a host of interior styles. We love them in bohemian, rustic and shabby chic settings. But they also look adorable in period homes, contemporary apartments, loft spaces and more. The folding screens are perfect for boutique hotels, restaurants, bars and co-working offices where you want to inject a touch of style and decorative interest.

Our Room Dividers Have Multiple Uses

Room dividers are brilliant for helping to zone large or small open plan rooms. For example, you may wish to create a home office in the corner of a room and a folding screen can help you achieve this very quickly. If you feel the need to divide your living room from your dining area, a screen is perfect. You may want to use the screen in front of an overlooked window to provide you with privacy. If your window looks out onto an unattractive view just put the screen in front and you will have something delightful to admire. There are so many creative ways to use a room divider screen so you will have endless fun!